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DIGITALIS, Discarded Heroes #2, which releases this January is now available on NetGalley, a site designed for publishers to find reviewers they might not otherwise find.

If you have a blog and can review/promote DIGITALIS, please take a moment to check out this site. I love NetGalley! In fact, I’ve gotten several books from publishers through that in order to review. What I love is that your only obligation is to post a review. You don’t have to commit to every book coming out of a publisher’s spring/summer/fall line-up, which means if you don’t like reading women’s fiction (just an example), they you don’t review women’s fiction. It’s all up to you.

But if you don’t like digital copies, then you can PRE-ORDER Digitalis (Discarded Heroes, Book 2) ! In a little more than two months, the second installment in the Discarded Heroes series will be shipping.


On a totally unrelated note…yesterday, me and the kiddos were attending our local homeschool co-op. For lunch, we headed to McD’s. Earlier in the morning, I’d stopped by Starbucks for an iced mocha (yeah…I know…not good for me and loads of sugar but I wanted the caffeine LOL). By lunch, I still had half of it left, so I was going to take it into McDs. So, I lifted it up out of the cup holder in the truck…and the slick sides made it slippery….and it tumbled…and flipped…

Right onto my AUTOGRAPHED HARDCOVER copy of Stephen Lawhead’s The Skin Map.

I am so upset. Stuff like this ruins my whole day. I love my books, and if I spend twenty bucks or more on a hardcover, I certainly don’t want an ice mocha flavor added to the reading experience. πŸ™ While the drink only “stained” the top of the book, I’m just sick over that. Some might see me as obsessive, but I try very hard to take care of my books.

Yes, I’m one of those people who freaks if my kids borrow my books and they “flatten” (thereby breaking) the spine of a book. *scream* And the only time I dogear pages is when it’s an ARC (Advance Reader Copy).

So, yeah, having iced mocha flavor added to The Skin Map…notsogood. πŸ™

What about you? Are you a book-protecting freak too? πŸ˜€

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha ha! Actually I'm not. In my hurry to get through the book, the poor things end up with random spills and tears on them…
    They're my favorite books, too.
    I read good books more than once, if I have the time, the binding starts to separate.
    I love books! I just abuse them. =P Really, I'm kidding. I read them anywhere. That's why they get random stains on the sides.
    ~Abigail =D

  2. Rel

    I'm with you, Ronie, as I'm sure you guessed! My family laughs that you can't tell when I have read a book at all so I know exactly how you feel – and an autographed one, too! That's horrible and I feel your pain.

    Since I know loan my books out to so many people now I have had to let go a little bit but it is hard.

    I have Susie May's Happily Ever After which has a coffee stain on it as part of it's back cover design. I keep trying to wipe it off – hahahaha!

  3. Dineen A. Miller

    Oh yes, me too, girlie! And with that book, I would be especially protective and bummed over the stain. Guess you can't cry over spilt coffee though, right? πŸ˜‰

    I'm reading Skin Map too! How cool. πŸ™‚

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