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This past weekend, Dr. Richard L. Mabry (author of Code Blue) and I had a signing at Katy Budget Books in Houston. It was the neatest bookstore with amazing staff. I had a wonderful time, although I’m not keen on driving 10 hours in one day again. LOL

Right now, I’m working on Wolfsbane, Book #3 in the Discarded Heroes series. It’s coming along nicely–I’m already at roughly 36K. Soon, I’ll dig into the subplot of the book and get that hashed out. it’s been simmering in my noggin for a few days now. I’m also stirring up another series, but I’m not sharing that just yet. I’m really excited about it, but it’s been an adventure (to say the least) getting the concept to reveal itself to me. LOL It’s …different (for me), and I’m not sure if this will survive the birth process. πŸ˜› We’ll see.

OH!! A really kewl thing happened last Friday. I stumbled onto a website that featured the model from Digitalis. It was surreal reading her thread about the photo shoot for Digitalis. It really added a new dimension to my cover and made me see my cover in a new light.

I added a widget-thingy to the side to show you what books I’m reading. I thought that was a fun addition to the blog, but know that I’ll only be posting books there that I’d recommend. It’s not all the books cluttering the TBR (to be read) piles around my office.

I’ll leave you with one more positive note for now. First–let me share that this publication journey turned out to be more…brutal than I expected. I’ve learned a lot about myself and a TON about trusting God no matter what the circumstances try to dictate. So, when I started feeling like a failure, a falling star…I found this blog post by (you have shopped at their site, haven’t you? They’re AWESOME!!). It really blessed me to have someone I don’t know (LOL) say they liked my writing. See what they said about me, then if you haven’t bought Dead Reckoning, or pre-0rdered Nightshade, click over to their site and do it now! πŸ˜€

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  1. Rel

    Wolfsbane – woo hoo!! You are only getting better girl so it is going to be sooooo good! That is meant to get you feeling the love not the pressure – LOL!

    Way to go, Rising Star πŸ™‚ Sounds like a racing horse's name – hehe!

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