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I have an agent!!!!!!!

Admist the plethora of boxes, packing tape, sore fingers, and grouchy dispositions the call came yesterday–Steve Laube of the Steve Laube Literary Agency offered representation.


The time? Two-oh-six-pm to be exact. (Yes, I have it down exactly. Wouldn’t you??) My awesome crit buds and I had always said it would come when you least expect it. So very true. You see, my cell phone glitched out on me. Instead of the way-kewl song I have programmed in, the stupid thing would wail out like a European siren going NEE-NEER, NEE-NER! I was aggravated with it and snatched it from my daughter who was alarmed by the heinous ringer!! LOL I answered. It went something like this:


Steve Laube for Ronie Kendig, please.

This is she… (quivering and quaking in stocking feet!)

Hi, Ronie. I wanted to see if you were still interested in having me represent you.

*screaming* “Yes!!” (poor guy…I think he now has an appointment with the ear doctor)

Sigh. Anyway, by the time I went to bed, I was seeing spots because of all the exctiment and exhaustion. For those who do not know…I’m in the middle of packing, taking a leap of faith that we beleive God has called us to make.

Oh–the manuscript. It’s Midnight Zone, my first espionage thriller. I find it quite amazing (snicker). This was the second time he’d seen it–but this last round with a complete rewrite of the last quarter of it. He said I’d answered all his concerns. (Ronie removes the two-ton bricks off her back at that point LOL). Actually, I’ve received three rejections from Steve–first met him four years ago where I first pitched to an agent…scared out of my boots!! LOL

Okay, okay…I have to get back to packing. Just had to share my good news. With Steve in my court, I’m confident I’ll soon be penning a contract. πŸ˜€ Woo-hoo!!!!!!

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  1. Ron Estrada

    I get to be the first to congratulate my crit partner on her blog! Yayyy! I’m so proud of you. Praising God now! You’re on your way!

  2. Robin Caroll

    I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited for you! This is AWESOME, wonderful and you SO deserve it! Now…to hold that book of yours in my hand….

  3. amyanne

    Congrats. That is so exciting!

    I’m trying to track down your email address (the link on your sight is/was not working). I wanted to send you some info on a blog tour for Tricia Goyer’s book tour.

    Thanks, Amy

  4. Dineen A. Miller

    Did you have you remind yourself all weekend? LOL!

    I am so incredibly happy for you and proud of you. You persisted, girlie! Now comes a book!

    Love you!!!

  5. :-)Ronie

    Aww, you guys are tooo great! I’m still flying high as a kite–Mindy, your’e right! I practically flew down here. I only wish I hadn’t been moving so I could savor it more. I still find myself checking my email as if he hadn’t called yet. *snicker* WOW. God is so kewl!

  6. Jennie/Kala

    WOW!!! Mr. Laube himself! CONGRATS!!
    I know I’m more than a few days off from your post, but WOW.
    I look forward to reading your book, too. Soon, Dear, soon.
    I’m new to ACFW and I’m slowly making my way through member blogs as I find them… I want to know my “family”…
    Congrats, again! Wow…

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