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Hey, y’all. Okay, I didn’t figure Shiloh would give you a full explanation. She rarely does. Reece is even worse. (If you haven’t visited NovelJourney, then click on over there and find out what all the hub-bub is about–it’s life or death!) Here’s the rundown:

Reece’s older sister is missing. Something I mentioned in my book must’ve exposed her (which is interesting–do you know what her career is *supposed* do to be?). Anyway. We have to find her.

Since time’s of the essence, let me give you some help in finding the clues. Use the blogs below–they’re proven to be safe havens for characters, so I believe that’s where we’ll find the path that leads to Julia.

Ane Mulligan Southern-Fried Fiction – http://anemulligan.blogspot.com

Beth Goddard – http://bethgoddard.blogspot.com/

Camy Tang/Story Sensei – http://camys-loft.blogspot.com/

Cara Putman http://carasmusings.blogspot.com

Cindy Woodsmall – www.cindywoodsmall.com

Dineen Miller – www.dineenmiller.blogspot.com

Kim Woodhouse – http://kimberleywrites.blogspot.com

Lynette Sowell – http://myslicesoflife.blogspot.com/

Mindy Obenhaus – http://www.mindyobenhaus.blogspot.com/

Robin Caroll – www.robincaroll.com

Jim Rubart – Facebook

A few tips I’ve learned in research. Okay, first—clues can be hidden in the forms of pictures, messages hidden within text. Once, I even saw white-on-white messages–easy to find when you use SELECT-ALL on a page. Wicked kewl. Clues can be videos with clues or links. Keep your eyes open. If you need help deciphering a clue, contact me at ronie [at] roniekendig dot com and I’ll do my best to help.

Reece insists that all the clues are out there; we just have to figure out how to put them together. Below are a half-dozen websites/blogs. Some have information; some don’t. Find the clue. Return to base (this blog). Comment in the comment section (all posts are moderated and will be held till we are certain Julia is still safe (IOW: so one person doesn’t do all the work)). Due to the severity of the situation, I will post each day to update everyone—and to let you know I’m still alive . . . hopefully.

To all who participate in the mission to save Julia, Here are the rewards:

  • WINNER WHO SAVES JULIA first: An iPod Nano, 2 autographed copies of Dead Reckoning (one for you, one to share, and so you can read all about Shiloh and Reece and see that I did my best to do them justice), a sari from India, an assortment of treats from India.
  • FIRST RUNNER UP: A sari, an autographed copy of Dead Reckoning, tastes of India and a trinket.
  • 5 Second-place runners up: A copy of Dead Reckoning, a trinket from India.

The winner will be determined by overall participation (that the person has gathered all the clues and returned to base with proof) and the earliest time-stamp on the comment placed at SupernaturalCraving that provides the final clue.

I am waiting for Reece to share the email with me. I’m sure he’s going to do everything he can before he sends us something for help. Until we get that clue (he promises me it will be later today), please be sure to login (leave your name in the comments) and let us know you’re joining Mission:Julia to help find and save his sister. I’m sure that will go a long way in helping us gain his trust.

please note: this MISSION: JULIA (M:J) is entirely based upon a work of fiction, a novel entitled Dead Reckoning written by Ronie Kendig; no lives are in jeopardy, but if you thought so—imagine how awesome Dead Reckoning will read!


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  1. Robin Caroll

    I know the first clue!!!!! Um, should I not post here? Well, if I'm not supposed to, just don't approve the post! LOL

    First clue is: DINEEN

    Decoded on Cindy's blog by the capital letters in the post.

    Am I right???

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