NIGHTSHADE debuts at Barbour

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Check it out, y’all. NIGHTSHADE, book 1 of the Discarded Heroes, has made its debut appearance–on the Barbour Publishing website. (if hte link doesn’t work, cut/paste this:,7952.aspx?Tab=Books )

I love the copy they have for Max. Of course, all this “attention” has me quite antsy to see what Barbour’s amazing design team comes up with for the cover. Back in late September, I received the design set instructions that the team had signed off on. A few of the details will be the Nightshade team logo (see image below–designed by long-time family friend Andrew Kendall), Max in full dress (Navy), and Sydney (his wife) in the background. Possibly a burning village or jungle scenery.

ACK! I shouldn’t be thinking about this. It just knots my stomach up more. LOL

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