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Tsk. Tsk. I am way behind on announcing winners. So sorry, y’all! I’ve been coordinating the national contest for the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Book of the Year contest, and things are finally at a pace that allows my head above water! LOL Now I’m playing ketchup…er, catch up.

Without further ado, here are the winners (gathered from both my Shoutlife page and this blog):


ONLY UNI goes to Karin!!

Ladies, please email me with your snail mail addresses so we can get these books out to you!

Now…on to other stuff. 😛 Easter. Wow, this year it came and went before so fast, I think the Easter Bunny must’ve had a jet pack on! Seriously, I had a wonderful time with my family celebrating our Lord’s burial and ressurection–and ya know, it’s just so beautiful to realize that HE DID THAT FOR ME!! Yes, yes, I know…He did it for you too, but when I sit back and think about all my failings, all my idiosyncracies, all my selfishness…and still He is faithful!!! WOW!

And this is one more “thing” I don’t deserve–an incredibly beautiful family with four awesome children and a man whose heart is after God! THANK YOU, LORD, for my family!!!!!!!!!! And no, this photo isn’t the best (Hello! It looks my head isn’t screwed on straight. LOL

So…what’s everyone doing these days? Writers–what’re you working on? Non-writers, what’s absorbing your time. This morning when I took my kids to school, I felt a bit blue (think it’s weather related–it’s awfully dreary here), and I realized…Hmm, I have my eyes in the wrong place. I had them on me, on what’s happening, instead of on God and “What is on your heart today, Lord?”

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  1. Lisa Harris

    I’m taking a quick break from packing and thought I’d drop by. LOVE the photo of your family and your book trailer. I want to read it!!!

    Miss you!


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