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Hey, everyone!! With this being the release month for DIGITALIS, things are a-flurry! πŸ˜€ I’m working on edits for Wolfsbane–WOOFTA (as the beautiful & amazing Kim Vogel Sawyer says), they’re kicking my BEE-HIND! But we’re almost done, and I am going to owe a ton to the fabulous Julee Schwarzburg for making Wolfsbane RAWK!!

Lots of things are happening behind the scenes, and I will be bringing some really great news your way very soon. How’s that for a teaser? ::grins::

Below you’ll find links to this weeks’ sites that have interviews and are doing giveaways. Be sure to stop by and say howdy, let the folks know we appreciate their help!

THE CHRISTIAN MANIFESTO and Barbour are giving away FIVE COPIES of DIGITALIS!! Check it out!! They also did an incredible and fair review of DIGITALIS previously. Thanks, Melissa!

STEPHANIE MORRILL posted a review and is also giving away a copy of DIGITALIS! Enter right here!

And finally…I’ll take a moment to share some reviews that have really touched me. Pardon me while I toot my own horn here, but praise can be so sparse that I want to savor each one. LOL

Deena Ward Peterson said: I’m giving “Digitalis” the Golden Bookmark for Excellence in Writing and in Purpose, as well as voting it “Best Military Suspense of 2011.” Considering we are still in JANUARY of 2011, I am sooo humbled and honored by this!! THANK YOU, Deena!

Fiction Addict Reviewer Elizabeth Olmedo said, “Kendig is the Karen Kingsbury of Christian Suspense!” WHOA. That’s one I’m still digesting. πŸ˜€

So…there ya have the news for now. But be sure to stop by later as I am anxiously awaiting the signal from Agent-Man Steve Laube that allows me to share some very exciting news!

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