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You Rapid-Fire Fiction readers amaze me! You’re attentive and passionate, and I treasure y’all! Many of you have noticed and emailed me that the Discarded Heroes series is no longer available as ebooks…and you’re exactly right. Technically, they are officially out of print. (If you are inquisitive enough, you’ve also figured out the A Breed Apart series is out of print, too…but it will be a bit before that series gets a makeover, because there’s only so much of me and far too few hours in each day. *sigh*).

Bummer, huh?

NOPE! The great news is that the rights to the Discarded Heroes series have reverted back to me. So, I’m working feverishly on some minor editing/tweaking/revising (cuz, y’all–wow, some of these tactical scenes were BAD . . . and my writing has grown . . . and . . . yeah . . .  it’s been SEVEN YEARS since Nightshade released and EIGHT since I wrote it!!).


Due to time constraints and my deep desire to do my absolute best for my current publisher Bethany House on Tox3, I am not adding any new content as I did with Dead Reckoning. However, the majority of it has been updated, some scenes totally reconstructed, and most of it revised. They will be back up for sale over the next few months, with NIGHTSHADE finding its way back to Amazon and B&N sometime IN MAY.


I’m delighted to share with you that we are rebranding this series and the inimitable KIRK DOUPOUNCE of DogEared Design is once again lending his amazing skillz to branding them in the Rapid-Fire Fiction style. What do you think of NIGHTSHADE? Kirk took the original emblem for NIGHTSHADE and reworked it into this AWESOMENESS!!

Re-release of NIGHTSHADE will be updated & revised!

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  1. Kara

    Multiple editions of my favorite author. Yes PLEASE! These fit the genre and your style much better. Not so dated. Well done!

    1. Post
  2. Amy

    Nightshade was my first introduction to the awesomeness that is Ronie Kendig. So happy that I already have my hard copy, but am really liking the new cover. May have to buy this one as well.

  3. Ashley Nikole

    I think it looks grand! I love the use of the silhouette and the mostly-black-shadow-type vibe going on- it gives the eye a clear focus and suits the feeling of the series. And the emblem is gorgeous! It’s a grand re-work of the cover.

  4. Kathy Zeigler

    My daughter has the Tox book and is looking forward to the rest in the series. I will read her copies on her Kindle. However, I have also read both the Breed Apart and the Discarded Heroes series on her Kindle. I will wait patiently and watch for your updated ones in the future. I plan to purchase them for my Samsun tablet. I enjoyed them so much that I want to read them again. Like reading the Bible, each time you read a favorite book, you glean new insights that you missed before.

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