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Okay, I can’t resist posting this. If you’ve followed the blog, you know I reviewed Bob Hamer’s Enemies Among Us: A Novel. His style and voice are very unique and laden with the experience that comes from being a veteran FBI undercover agent.

Bob and I have gotten to know each other a bit–and in fact, his wife read and posted a review of Dead Reckoning on Amazon. BLEW. MY. MIND! 😀 So as we were looking for suspense/thriller endorsers for DIGITALIS, I immediately thought of him and another as-yet-unnamed-person.

Tonight, Bob emailed me with this blurb endorsement for DIGITALIS, which released January 2011. HUGE THANKS to Bob! You made my week!

An action-packed thrill ride from start to finish…if you liked CBS’s long running hit series THE UNIT you’re going to love Ronie Kendig’s DIGITALIS. Enjoy the ride and the read. I only have one question…where do I sign up for Nightshade?
~~Bob Hamer, veteran FBI undercover agent and author of ENEMIES AMONG US

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  1. Mocha with Linda

    Wow, that is so cool! Congrats! Doesn't surprise me a bit, though, knowing how good your books are. Can't wait for Digitalis!

  2. Ronie Kendig

    Thanks, y'all! I'd definitely find a way to add him…sort of did in Wolfsbane. 😀 You'll have to wait till July though to find out how. Hehe.

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