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I am so excited to announce that I signed a contract with Barbour Publishing to write one of four novellas in a collection entitled CENTRAL PARK RENDEZVOUS and will be set in (as if you couldn’t figure this out already) Central Park, NY. I will be writing with some very amazing ladies: Dineen Miller, MaryLu Tyndall, and Kim Vogel Sawyer! The collection is set to release April 2012.

Here is the blurb for the collection:

Through the timelessness of the love never fails verses from I Corinthians 13, characters from four generations of one family endure hard and cruel circumstances in life, yet bring love full circle to its completion. In Ronie Kendig’s Dream A Little Dream the characters learn “love always perseveres,” even when combat-related repercussions block the path to dreams and love. Dineen Miller explores “love always hopes” in her story, A Love Meant to Be, in which a lingering hope leads to a love fulfilled after Vietnam. In To Sing Another Day, Kim Vogel Sawyer reveals that “love is kind. . .not self-seeking” against a backdrop of poverty in a era of severe economic depression and World War II. With an expert touch MaryLu Tyndall shows how “Love Never Fails,” despite unimaginable odds and disfiguring pride connected with the Civil War.

Celebrate with us, please!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

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  1. Winter

    I'm excited for you. Oddly enough, my story for my group had a returning Army Medic. Kinda hope they pick it up, I'd love to write that story!

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