Happy Birthday, Robin, GIVEAWAY!!

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Romantic Suspense lovers don’t miss In the Shadow of Evil!
~~Terri Blackstock


by Robin Caroll


Just outside of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Detective Sergeant Maddox Bishop works in the Criminal Investigative Department, Homicide Division. When the dead body of a building inspector is found in a burnt “Homes of Hope” house, Maddox gets the case. The trail of evidence will lead him into exposing one of the biggest scams of modern day.

Layla Taylor is a contractor in Calcasieu parish, who loves God, her family, and what she does. When Detective Bishop’s investigation leads him to her sister’s drug-rehab retreat, every defense in her rises to the surface. To prove her sister’s business isn’t involved with anything illegal or immoral, she joins forces with the man who is against everything she believes in.


Ronie Here:

I am so delighted to celebrate one of my closest friends during her birthday week. August 19th is ROBIN CAROLL‘s birthday, and so in honor of her and years of friendship, I am giving away ONE COPY of her most recent romantic suspense release: IN THE SHADOW OF EVIL, Book #3 in her Evil Series (B&H Publishing).

For a CHANCE TO WIN, be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT related to anything Southern, since that’s what Robin writes–Southern Suspense. And trust me–no one does it better than Robin!

Ronie, Robin, Camy Tang


About Robin:

Robin Caroll has authored eleven previous books including the critically acclaimed Deliver Us From Evil. She gives back to the writing community by serving as conference director for American Christian Fiction Writers. A proud southerner, Robin lives with her husband, three daughters, and one precious grandson in Arkansas.

One thing I’m insanely jealous over is Robin’s book trailer (well, in fact, all the trailers B&H Publishing has done). Check out the trailer for IN THE SHADOW OF EVIL:

Endorsements and Reviews:

“Romantic suspense lovers will enjoy In the Shadow of Evil. Robin Caroll captures the southern flare of this Louisiana town and turns the construction industry into an interesting vehicle for her plot twists.” Terri Blackstock, New York Times best-selling author

“With a great plotline and a wholesome love story, this page-turner is a good choice for fans of Dee Henderson.” Library Journal

“Unputdownable tale based on real-life building scams.” Romantic Times (4-star review)

“No one does Southern mystery and suspense like Robin Caroll! In the Shadow of Evil ignites with conflict . . . not to be missed.” Ronie Kendig, author of Nightshade

“Suspense, drama, romance, all under the backdrop of a Christian setting . . . a solid offering.” TheChristianCritic.net

“Robin Caroll is a first-rate writer of romantic suspense, and In the Shadow of Evil showcases her talents.” CBA Retailers + Resources

Buy In the Shadow of Evil:

In January 2012, Robin’s next book, Injustice For All: A Justice Seekers Novel, releases. You can Pre-Order Injustice for ALL from Amazon!

LEAVE A COMMENT about anything SOUTHERN TO BE ENTERED TO WIN. Annnnd–remember to LEAVE AN ADDRESS where I can reach you. I will NOT hunt down winners. Sorry, but with deadlines, homeschooling, and raising a puppy, it’s just not happening. 😀

This drawing is only to U.S. residents.

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  1. Ginger Solomon

    I just love a good romantic suspense. As I sit here staring at my empty glass that used to be filled with good ol’ southern SWEET TEA I’m thinkin’ that I need to check out some of these books by our illustrious Robin Caroll, after I get a refill. So many good writers, so little time. *sigh*


    1. Post
  2. Post

    Posting on behalf of Nancy Kimball who wrote:

    Happy early birthday Robin. Your trailer is brilliant and I would love a chance to win In the Shadow of Evil.
    I don’t know if you can get more Southern than fried alligator, which my husband and I actually tried for the first time in Lake Charles several years ago. It doesn’t taste like chicken =)

  3. Anne Payne

    Happy Birthday, Robin! I love high level suspense so enter me for this one! I was born & raised here in the Carolinas! I love mint tea and Carolina Football. Did you know the southern term for “all of you” is “all y’all”?! 🙂 How’s that for somethin’ southern?


  4. Cheri Horgan

    Happy Birthday, Robin!!! Well my favorite memories were always fried…fried corn, fried corn bread, fried apples, fried chicken, chicken fried steak…well you get it…I LOVE THE FOOD! But I have to share a laugh about when we first moved to Tennessee from California. We went to Shoney’s for dinner and they had a wonderful buffet. My daughter was just adjusting to the language and asked the waitress what that was on the buffet line, and the waitress said, “Which one honey, the fried catfish, or the baked?” But that isn’t what my daughter heard and I saw this look of disguist overtake her as she said, “You serve the fish…AND THE BAIT???” We still laugh about that being the reson she went vegetarian! LOL! I have lived all over the country, but hands down you cannot beat Southern cooking! (AND SWEET TEA!)

  5. Post

    From Kate Hinke: Having been born/raised in OK and lived in sweet home Alabama for a number of years, I love all foods Southern (especially fried okra and hush puppies! :>) And by the end of this year, my “GRITS” designation will change to “GRANDMA Raised in the South”! :>) My email address is wordsong7(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Tamara Cooper

    Happy Birthday, Robin! This is such a good idea, offering something southern. I was 16, living in east Texas, and I’d never heard a “yankee” before. One day, some yankees from Ohio (o-hi-yah) were at Lake Texarkana (its name a long time ago) and my family was there also, fishing. I went to the car for something and this yankee said something to me. I dropped my jaw, my eyes bugged out, and I stared at this alien that I could NOT understand. He said it again. I looked around, hoping someone would rescue me, but no one was there. I said, “Are yew speakin’ English?” and this Ohioan threw back his head and laughed. Well, I was insulted. He was tickled. And I didn’t know what to do next. In the South, you’re raised to be polite, no matter what. So I stood there, staring at this man. He said it again. And again, I couldn’t understand him. I said, “Are yew speakin’ English?” and this time, he answered, “Yes.” That, I could understand. Word by word, we began to understand each other. But I’ll never forget how he laughed at me. Today, I still have a deep southern accent, AND I have accepted (and can understand) the wrong way other people talk…:)

  7. Robin Caroll

    Aww, thanks everyone! Especially Ronie….. 🙂

    Do y’all know that I didn’t know people made unsweet tea until I was in high school? Seriously. LOL And to me, fried gator is greasier than chicken.

    I love SEC football! WOOHOO…Go Hogs and Geaux Tigers!

    I agree…it’s ALL about the food. lol

  8. Rachel Kulp

    Something Southern – I’m still learning to be southern after being an easterner for years and years. I’d like to win your book. Maybe I can learn something about my adopted southern home. Happy Birthday!

  9. Nancy Kimball

    I rescind my request to be considered for the giveaway. I was in Barnes & Noble tonight and recognized In the Shadow of Evil from Ronie’s blog and picked it up off the shelf. Read the prologue. At that point it was easy to commit to an extra two days of brown bagging lunch this week and buying it right there. If the prologue is any indication, I’ll be up all night. Better go make some tea. SWEET TEA of course 😉

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