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In an attempt to catch everyone up (there are gobs of you reading this blog, right?!?!) on what’s happening, I decided to do a quick post. So, here goes.

First – The galley of Nightshade is now available through NetGalley. If you are a professional reviewer or a librarian, you can apply to receive a digital copy of the galley. I’m so tickled–I downloaded it onto my Kindle, and it brought me to tears reading Nightshade like a real book (as if it’s fake or something, right?). Hehe.

Second – Nightshade can now be preordered through many online retailers. It’s amazing to see this book coming to life and gaining some recognition. My hope for this series is to open discussion, to open a door that perhaps wasn’t previously open for our soldiers/Marines/airmen/sailors and vets.

Third – Nightshade is now listed on Barbour‘s website and on (ACFW’s online Christian Fiction search engine). Sure makes this all feel “real” to see it listed on the publisher’s website. ::grins::

Reviews – If you’ve read Nightshade and enjoyed the read, you can help me promote this book by posting a review on any of the online retail sites.

Other books – I have turned in the first draft of Digitalis, Discarded Heroes #2, to my amazing editor, Becky Germany. I’m on pins & needles waiting for her response. This is the first book I’ve turned in that was bought on spec from the proposal. That’s definitely an interesting way to write. She’s been so supportive and encouraging of this series that the last thing I want is to let her down. I don’t know if I should be worried that even my agent hasn’t responded to let me know his thoughts. Eek. Pray for me, will ya? LOL

By the way–doncha love the cover of Digitalis? I’m in heaven. Hehe. I had a skin made for my laptop with the covers of Nightshade and Digitalis. Not vanity but promotion for those nights I’m sitting at Starbucks or Panera, writing and immersed in these stories. I’ve already seen people staring (and yeah, that’s a bit creepy). πŸ˜€

I am about 1/3 of the way into Wolfsbane, Discarded Heroes #3. This is going to be one tough story. Lots of heartache and drama–and of course, action! OORAH!

So, there ya have it. A bit of me is sad that I’m already halfway through this series. These guys have embedded in my heart…and so has the mission of these books. Praying they will accomplish that mission, and bring glory to God!

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  1. Winter

    I can't wait either! It's been so long since I've seen a romance book with military heroes like Dee Henderson's Uncommon Heroes series!

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