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Hey, everyone! Listen up! I’ve got the Loud Asian Chick on my blog today. That’s right–Camy Tang is featured here, and I’m so thrilled and honored to share her new book with you.

But first – I have to confess. I think I was supposed to do an interview with Camy. 🙁 Sigh. I’m terribly sorry to both you and Camy for failing in this. Our family has had some exciting and unexpected things happening, and I’ve been caught in that whirlwind. However, I’m really hoping Camy will let me feature her again, soon. She’s a really kewl friend, so stick close and pray hard. LOL

Now, on to her book. I got the extreme pleasure of reading Only Uni before the final version went to press…and I have to admit that I loved this one. Not only are her characters funny and compelling, but as always, Camy’s stories are structured so well, you feel satisified once you come to the end. And check out this cover!! It’s crisp and clean looking, to match the author’s fresh style! Camy pens strong, believable characters who leave you rolling on the floor and pulling for them the next instant.
You can read the first chapter of Only Uni here. And here is Zondervan’s official synopsis of the book: Trish Sakai is ready for a change from her wild, flirtatious behavior, so she creates three rules to follow from First and Second Corinthians. But with a persistent ex-boyfriend and a gorgeous coworker in pursuit, suddenly Trish’s simple rules don’t seem so simple after all.
Have you read Camy’s first book, Sushi for One? If you have, what did you like about it? For me, Camy’s kick-butt humor matches her heroine’s! So, be sure to leave a comment–Camy has graciously donated a free book for a drawing (drawing winner will be chosen from this blog’s commenters, Edgy Christian Fiction’s, and Shoutlife’s).

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