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This is one of my all-time favorite parts of the writing process–the trailer. It’s so amazing to see a book brought to life through media like this. It’s also hard to believe that Wolfsbane releases in a mere two months! WOW!! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, eh?

While I have you here, I thought I’d share some more endorsements that have come in for Wolfsbane. Here they are:

Ronie Kendig serves up a mix of machinegun-fast action, touching romance, and more twists than a coil of detonator wire. Get a good grip on the edge of your seat before you start reading! —Rick Acker, author of When the Devil Whistles and Dead Man’s Rule

Wolfsbane is a fast-paced, military suspense with just the right amount of romance to keep readers flipping pages. Ronie Kendig’s smooth writing style, realistic scenes, and vivid characters blend beautifully for a must-read experience. A definite keeper!~Robin Caroll, author of Deliver Us From Evil and In The Shadow of Evil

Gripping. Compelling. Gritty. Intense. And that’s just the first few pages. You’re in for a wild but fulfilling ride. ~Lenora Worth, author of Body of Evidence

Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the blurb for this third installment in the Discarded Heroes series:

Demolitions expert Danielle Roark has been left behind in hostile territory during a mission with Nightshade. Former Green Beret and medic Canyon Metcalfe, beset with memories of another mission gone bad, vows to rescue her, sacrificing everything. As secrets unravel, will Canyon and Dani find healing, closure, and each other? Or will rescue come too late?

Also, Amazon now has a sample preview of the first chapters available. If you haven’t already, rush on over there and drop into the chaos that is Canyon “Midas” Metcalfe’s life!


And without further ado, here’s the trailer. Give a peek and tell me what you think!

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  1. Laurel

    Mrs. Kendig,

    I am truly enjoying the Nightshade series. I love the fact that you included the Navy and Navy Seals in them. I am a Navy brat and it is hard to find good fiction that involves the Navy or other military services, and that is as accurate as yours, in terms of what those services do. I am really enjoying reading Wolfsbane right now, I love the fact that you were able to include the Coast Guard in the book, it was really exciting, especially since I am in the process of attempting to enlist in the USCG. I hope that there will be more books, maybe with a couple of the Nightshade team members, like “the Kid”. I really enjoy this series.



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