2008 ACFW Conference Photos

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From September 17-21, 2008, more than five hundred writers, agents, and editors converged on the Sheraton Bloomington in Minneapolis, MN for the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference. I worked throughout the conference in a few different capacities, but it was still a superb time! I met with the incredible Barbara Scott, my editor (hey! I actually have an editor now!!) from Abingdon Press. In all honesty, I didn’t expect her to remember much about my story since I knew she was working on the macros for multiple other books at the moment. But she had an uncanny recall! And it was so clear to me that she caught the vision and passion for Dead Reckoning. I’m absolutely amazed and even more thrilled now about working with her!

Here are some photos from the conference. Hope you enjoy them–they’ll keep me smiling for years to come.

Me presenting during the Book of the Year Awards

Me and awesome friend Sara Mills

Me and my fabo Agent-Man, Steve Laube

Me with Robin and her boas (yes, there is a story behind that, and no, we’re not telling. LOL)

Me with “big brother” John Olson…he was humming (im)patiently while Dineen lined up the photo *just right*…I couldn’t stop laughing.

Me with the amazing Sharon Hinck!

I’ll have more photos later. First, have to get caught up on schtuff. 😀

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  1. Myra Johnson

    Great pix, Ronie! You will really enjoy working through your edits with Barbara. She’s been so helpful with mine–very encouraging and a wonderful brainstormer.

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