WINNERS – And Photos from ACFW Conference

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C Gwynn, You have won Camy Tang’s Sushi for One? Please email me privately with your mailing information.
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Now, to share just a tad more about my conference liberation. LOL It’s such a tongue-in-cheek term for something so powerful and freeing. I haven’t been the same since, and I’m guarding my heart so I don’t end up back there.

I was sitting with my close bud Dineen Miller, and she was praying over me. I had this visual image in my mind of a rod–like the steel rods they use to line the ground before pouring concrete. When I saw it, I just felt like God was saying, Take hold of the rod.
Well, I couldn’t. To me, taking that rod in my hand was the equivalent of saying, I’ll trust you. I’ll hope in you. And I was at a point where I’d been hurt so many times extending my faith and trust, that I was too wounded to lift my arm.

I told Neen about this, and the more I talked about the rod, the more solidified it became. Until finally, tears streaming down my face, I reached out and latched on to it.

As soon as I did, it seemed as if God breathed and said, “Now, it’s a sword. Raise it up.” And I did (felt stupid in front of Neen, but I did LOL). As soon as I held it, felt God speaking to me, saying “Sword of Truth. Now, stand and fight.”
Within ten minutes of that, the oppression was broken off me. Not before I had this mental image of angels fighting over me. And the thought that God might send angels to rescue me, to fight over me, made me bawl.

It’s not easy to post that. It makes me vulnerable. But since that night, I’ve had a deep, stirring passion (I’ve had a passion before, but nothing like what I feel now) for the hurting, broken and wounded. So, I want to make myself available to God to use me in the way that was spoken over me that night. To break the chains of bondage off women, the very same way they were broken off me.
(Photos:#1 – me and Robin Caroll, #2, Me & Dineen Miller, #3 – Me & John Olson, #4 – Me & Sara Mills)

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  1. Heather Diane Tipton

    this made me grin, I’m so glad the Lord did this for you. the Lord has some incredible things in store for you. thanks for sharing

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