What Is A Space Opera?

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I’ve written over twenty suspense novels and novellas, and three fantasy novels, so when readers became aware that I had a science fiction novel coming out, they weren’t really surprised. Especially when I explained this story-of-my-heart that has been in the works for fourteen years is a space opera. A what? *insert deer-in-headlights look* A space opera. Let’s break down this definition so it’s not really so “out there.” Basically, it’s a subgenre that falls under science fiction, but to the soft side, not the hard side (because Ronie can’t “science” to save her life, y’all). This subgenre arose during the 1930s, along with soap operas and horse operas (I had no idea that latter existed!). The term was a …

Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #19

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THIS SCAVENGER HUNT IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. WINNERS AS DRAWN BY LISA BERGREN ARE: #1 Lisa Hudson #2 Kathryn Bochman #3 Heather Olsen #4 Jan D. #5 “DR” of New Zealand Bonus Winner for BRAND OF LIGHT SWAG: Mimi Noble     Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to start at Stop #1, and collect the clues through all the stops, in order, so you can enter to win one of our top 5 grand prizes! The hunt BEGINS on 11/7 at noon MST with Stop #1 at LisaTawnBergren.com. Hunt through our loop using Chrome or Firefox as your browser (not Explorer). There is NO RUSH to complete the hunt—you have all …

Mortal Sight by Sandra Rhoads Cover Reveal

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YES!! Enclave Publishing is unleashing another amazing author, Sandra Fernandez Rhoads, on the world, and I’m delighted to be a part of her cover reveal!! MORTAL SIGHT is book one in The Colliding Line. And best of all–you PREORDER MORTAL SIGHT now!! When Worlds Collide, Shadow Wrestles Light Seventeen-year-old Cera Marlowe wants a normal life; one where she and her mom can stop skipping town every time a disturbing vision strikes. But when a girl she knows is murdered by a monster she can’t explain, Cera’s world turns upside down. Suddenly thrown into an ancient supernatural battle, Cera discovers she’s not alone in her gifting and vows to use her visions to save lives. But why does John Milton’s poem Paradise …

Brand of Light Preorder Campaign

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I am very excited as we close in on the last six weeks before BRAND OF LIGHT releases on December 3rd. This is a big dream come true!! To celebrate, I’ve put together great preorder incentives, including postcards of the two maps commissioned for Brand of Light, character portraits of beloved characters, Marco Dusan, Kersei Dragoumis, and Tigo Deken (portraits will be revealed in November, so the back of the card is shown in the pictures). See below detailed lists to learn about the artists. Due to the significant cost difference between the hardcover and e-book, swag packets are tailored accordingly. One packet per household. YES, this is open to international entries!   Pre-order BRAND OF LIGHT from any retail …

Brand of Light Maps

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE seeing maps for fantasy and science fiction stories. Below are two maps I had created for use in The Droseran Saga. The Drosero map was created by a Fiverr artist, then updated/altered by Jame Foley to correct some things, and then Emilie Haney added the frame, since we were preparing these as postcards (she also designed a really cool back to the postcard, which isn’t shown here). The planetary map was beautiful depicted by Jamie Foley, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!! It’s incredible to see this storyworld coming to life!!  

Booklist Reviews Brand of Light!

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  You guys!! So a thing happened … and I might be screaming and dancing!! Booklist reviewed BRAND OF LIGHT!!!!!! I might be screaming and dancing!! They said it is “… an epic story in the making…” and that “Readers will eagerly await future books…”!!! THANK YOU, BOOKLIST!! We’re only 1.5 months from launch (*cue internal screaming*), so PREORDER YOUR COPY!! Blurb: There’s a price on her head, and it has everything to do with the brand on her arm. Tertian Space Coalition has blessed every planet in the quadrants with high technology, save one: Drosero. But in spite of their tenuous treaty with the ruling clans, TSC has plans for the backward planet. And they’re not alone. After a …

THIRST! Cover Reveal for Jill Williamson

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Y’all! I am so excited so share Jill Williamson’s cover reveal for THIRST . Jill is a beautiful person and so passionate about helping other writers in the speculative genre–and especially teen writers (check out GoTeenWriters!). And without further ado … here is THIRST!!!!! ABOUT THIRST The end of the world is only the beginning. A waterborne disease has contaminated the world’s fresh water, decimating the human race. Seventeen-year-old Eli McShane and his friends flee the chaos and violence in Phoenix and journey north toward the rumored location of a safe water source. They add several to their number, including the mysterious Hannah, who is being hunted by a dangerous man. Desperation brings our the worst in many of the travelers, …

Wesley Fulkerson Cover Reveal

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Well, it seems we’re establishing a cover-revealing trend here. Can I help it if there are so many awesome books coming our way next year? Le sigh.Today, I’m sharing the cover for debut novelist Wesley Fulkerson’s FOR WHOM THE SUN SINGS, which releases March 2020 and is a standalone. Without further ado . . . PREORDER NOW!!   ABOUT THE BOOK: The world is blind…then one boy is born with sight. Nestled in a mountain haven, the remaining people of the world live in a village that is ordinary but strict. A severe peace must be kept severely, as they say. It’s all that keeps them from descending into the chaos that claimed the world a hundred years ago. Led …

Dorothy Adamek’s Cover Reveal!

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I am absolutely delighted to share with you another cover reveal–this one for the gorgeous Dorothy Adamek, my polka-dot loving “twin.” CARRY ME AWAY releases November 5th and is a book you do not want to miss!   PRE-ORDER NOW!! CARRY ME AWAY When the Black Swallow sinks off the Australian coast in 1877, Australian midshipman Tom Darley rescues English passenger Ada Carmichael from the disaster that claims her entire family. News of the only two survivors enchants the world, but Ada needs to hide before secrets and old foes find her. Tom is chasing big dreams of a crumbling house he will convert into a small hotel ~ but the promising start he’s acquired now sits at the bottom …

Sharon Hinck’s Cover Reveal!

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I am super excited to help my dear friend, acclaimed author Sharon Hinck, with the cover reveal for her brand-new book, HIDDEN CURRENT. Hinck returns with this clever, beautiful fantasy novel, which releases in January 2020 from Enclave Publishing . Pre-order your Limited Edition hardcover now: https://buff.ly/2LNJsuB About HIDDEN CURRENT: The dancers of the Order direct their floating world of Meriel with their movements, but are they steering it toward destruction? Calara spent her life learning dance patterns and seeking to become the perfect servant to her people. When she discovers the work of the Order is built on lies, she flees with a rough-edged herder, Brantley of Windswell. Pursued by soldiers, her journey through the suffering villages of the …